Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Educators new to Twitter

We all know the power of Twitter, but what about those colleagues of yours that you've been begging to join you on Twitter? There are some teachers who love to dive into new technology to learn and fail as they go. What about those who would love to try it but are hesitant due to failure?

This past weekend I was participating in a Twitter chat called #nt2t which stands for New Teachers To Twitter. It's a great weekly chat that helps educators who are new to Twitter find their legs and get support. One of the questions that was posed was "What resources do you need to be succesful on Twitter"? My answer:

Then my next statement got a few great reactions. I simply suggested why not start a Twitter mentor program?

Later that night I got to work on a website. I'm very happy to announce the creation of "Educators New to Twitter." This site's main focus is for educators who are interested in joining Twitter (or who just joined) to find a mentor that would help them get started and find their way in the sea of Tweets. They can fill out a form that will help us pair them with an educator in their subject area and grade level. We are accepting applications worldwide. Established educators on Twitter can apply to be a mentor where they will volunteer a little time to help get another educator started.

This program is not just for teachers either! We already have Superintendents and Tech Coordinators on board as mentors. If you are an administrator who has thought about how to get yourself or your school started with social media, we can find a mentor to help you get started. What about pre-service teachers who are about to enter the field? Why not be paired with an already established teacher in your intended grade level who can help you build your digital profile?

I am very excited and passionate about giving back to educators via social media. I have been afforded many opportunities and even found my job via Twitter. I have made so many long lasting connections (both personal and professional) online via Twitter. I know that all the educators that I've met on Twitter are also eager to help those who want to join us on Twitter. Here's hoping this new site can help.

It's always an amazing experience when you finally get to meet your PLN face to face!

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