Wednesday, September 11, 2013

App of the Week: Voxer

I've been wanting to start a blog about different educational technology and apps that I've come across. Many of my friends and co-workers always ask, "Hey do you know of an app that will...".

So for the first post, I'd like to introduce an app called Voxer. I've been using Voxer for about a year now, and it was introduced to me by a former student worker of ours. One of the great things about this app is that it is available on Android, iOS, and Windows Phone.

We originally started to use it so that we could easily reach each other when out in the field doing tech work. It was great to be able to send photos back to our office if there were issues or errors that needed to be looked at further. However, with how easy it is to use and all the great features I started to use it for personal use as well. I had my wife download the app and I was able to send messages to her while I was driving without ever looking at my phone.

As you can see from the promotional video there are a LOT of great features included. I personally never felt the need to upgrade to the premium version. In addition to sending voice messages, texts, or photos to a person you can also have a group chat. This was especially helpful during the ISTE conference last year. I kept pushing our little group to download the app and once we were all on, it was a breeze to communicate with everyone. Making plans for dinner or a meetup was a lot easier using Voxer than trying to coordinate over Twitter or texts. The conference wifi also had issues so Twitter was hit or miss but voxer kept going no matter if I was on wifi or LTE.

I don't feel this app ever falls into the "fad" category. This is quite simply a very useful app, and it is free!

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